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Here's the story of this blog (which is now just a catch-all for stuff I wanna post, but which started as a movie-review site): In May 1999, I started emailing chatty movie reviews to friends and family. The first one was about a wretched movie with Catherine Zeta Jones and Sean Connery, which I saw with my friend Matthew. Before the year was out, the list of people who wanted the reviews was more than I could easily manage in email, plus people kept asking for old reviews. So my brother, Dan, a fancy Web developer, and I set up a Website and called it "Sarah's Movie Opinions."

The site was exactly what you now think of as a blog. Only, at the time, there weren't services like TypePad or Blogger to help you run such an animal. So my brother set up an interface that let me post new reviews without ever having to see an FTP client or any other scary software. And he also created these really cool tools to help me manage the subscriber list.

The Web design was brilliant. The posts snapped, crackled and popped. The site was popular. Here's what it looked like:

After a few years, however, the site hit a technical snag that caused the host server to cop an attitude and shut us down without warning. Which meant my brother had to do perform technical jujitsu every few weeks. And by late 2002, he was spending more time trying to fix the site than I was spending posting fresh opinions. Sometime in 2003, we let the enterprise die a quiet death.

But we missed the movie opinions. Plus, in the years since we'd started the site, blogging services had sprouted up, and they provided nearly the same services my brother had designed--for less than half the cost of the monthly hosting fee we'd been paying for Sarah's Movie Opinions.

So in 2004, we decided to migrate the whole thing over to the site you're visiting now. Dan extracted all the files from the old site's database, and I reformatted everything and posted it all here.

Frankly, the migration was a bitch, even with the swift and generous help of my brother. For technical reasons, I didn't quite repost everything in chronological order. And early on, the tedium of reformatting the stories caused me to get lazy and blow off details like recreating all the hyperlinks in the old stories. So if you hit a sentence that says something like, "After 'Road Trip,' Amy and I had lunch here," and I clearly meant "here" to point you to information about some third-rate diner on the Upper West Side, I'm sorry. Probably, the diner's closed by now, so we really haven't lost much.

Anyway, the posts from the old site start with "Originally posted...." New posts have no such header. I haven't edited or rewritten any of the old ones, so you can read them in all their embarrassing glory.